Make Scam Free Crypto Payments

Decentralized 'fiverr' that holds your crypto until service is received to protect you from scams

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2% service fee

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For Sender

Concerned about making upfront payments only to be left hanging by your service provider? Utilize our CSCROW smart contracts to safeguard your agreement, receive the service, and then make payment based on the quality of the service rendered.

• Log in using your Polygon Network wallet.

• Fill in the necessary details and generate the contract.

Once created, access the "Sent" page to track your contract's status and progress.

For Receivers

Tired of putting in honest and hard work, only to be ignored by founders? Request payment via CSCROW and commence your service once you've received the fully funded contract. If the founder unfairly denies payment, you have the option to present your side of the story in our decentralized court.

• Log in using your Polygon Network wallet.

• Navigate to the "Received" page.

• Review contracts sent by the Sender.

• Evaluate the contract and begin your work.

What is a Level 1 dispute and how does it work?

A Level 1 dispute arises when both the sender and receiver agree to alter the contract sum. They mutually decide to release a portion of the agreed sum instead of the entire amount.

• Either the Sender or Receiver cancels the contract.

• The canceling party proposes the percentage of the original contract to be released.

• The other party accepts the proposal.

• In the event of rejection, the dispute escalates to a Level 2 dispute.

What is a Level 2 dispute and how does it work?

A Level 2 dispute occurs when there's no mutual agreement between the sender and receiver. This leads both parties to present their cases with evidence to the community for voting.

• If no agreement is reached in a Level 1 dispute, the case escalates to Level 2.

• Both parties provide three items: the reason, proposal, and evidence.

How long does the voting last?

Voting lasts for 24 hours. Afterward, funds are automatically released based on the winning proposal.

What happens in case of a draw?

A tiebreaker vote will take place to determine the winner. The funds will will be released as per winning proposal.

Judge to Earn

The Judge to Earn program is designed to reward the CSCROW community for their contributions to the fair and prompt resolution of disputes within our decentralized platform.

•The first 10 voters will each earn 1% of the contract's value.

• All validators, including the initial 10 voters, will receive token rewards stored on the blockchain upon launch.

Terms of service